Piano Maintenance

Tuning, Restoration, Rebuilding and Repair


Professional Piano Tuning and Repair

All Pianos tuned by "Ear"---NO Strobe Tuners Used

Old World temperament Scaling Available


Piano Reconditioning


Clean and Oil Sounding Board

Clean and Polish Keys

Clean Strings

Vacuum and Lubricate Pedal Trapwork

Complete Piano Restoration and Rebuilding

Removal of Old Finish

Restoring all Joints and Glued Surfaces to Original Condition

Sanding and Preparation of Surfaces for New Finish

New Finish Applied Using Only the Finest Products and Procedures

Your Finished Instrument Will Look and Sound Like New, While Increasing its Value, Guaranteed!!!

Check out Some of Our Other Services

Piano Cleaning

Pin Tapping

New Keyboard Installation

Piano Trucks Installed

Climate Control Systems

Rodent Damage Repair

We also Offer 12 Week Piano Tuning Summer Workshops, Teaching Students, the Proper Methods to Tune Their Own Pianos.